A distributed digital platform will enable real-time exchange of information on territorial resources and supplies & demands; connecting smallholders to new supply, sharing opportunities and distribution channels.

The RESILINK platform will provide an open architecture and API to seamlessly integrate third-party platforms into comprehensive dashboards/portfolios.

The plaform will be enhanced incrementally add disruptive technologies such as Internet-of-Thing (IoT), Edge Computing, Linked-Data and AI-based Decision Support System (DSS) for information sharing automation in agriculture/farming processes.


A mobile application for smallholders will be the main interface to simply, quickly and intuitively interact with the RESILINK digital resource management platform.

The user interface will be adapted to the smallholder communities and simple interaction methods can also be supported such as SMS, voice attachment, pictures, etc.

Smallholders can enable reception of notifications for correlated local resources found by the intelligent digital resource management platform, in addition to resources matching explicit requests.


RESILINK will design and propose an Application Programming Interface (API) for the development of new resource sharing platforms to provide interoperability.

The open API will maximize re-utilisation and facilitate the integration of new platforms that can fully inter-operate with the RESILINK digital resource management platform.

Software wrappers will be developed for the integration of existing platforms, enabling resources from existing digital platforms to be discovered & integrated.

The open API will enable the platform-of-platforms approach for promoting a much wider and appealing ecosystem.


RESILINK will seamlessly integrate IoT technologies to automatize a number of information exchanges related to resource sharing.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) advanced analytics capabilities, RESILINK’s digital platform will leverage contextual intelligence to efficiently discover resources, identify trends, forecast and propose pertinent correlated resources.

RESILINK will develop efficient Edge-Machine Learning mechanisms into Edge-IoT gateways to also push intelligence and decision-making processes directly at the Edge of the infrastructure.