• WP1. D1.2b Final report on Framework for a generalized resource sharing for increased resilience of smallholder considering a local & territorial agri-food chain.
  • WP2. D2.1b Final report on user requirements, user interface and co-design of the RESILINK generalized resource sharing digital platform. To come.
  • WP2. D2.2a RESILINK resource sharing digital platform – v1.
  • WP4. D4.1d Second year report on communication and dissemination activities. To come.
  • WP4. D4.2a First report on software templates demonstrating RESILINK’s open API. To come.
  • WP4. D4.3a First report on RESILINK mobile app demonstration and dissemination events. To come.
  • WP4. D4.4a First report on Competitions and Challenges for Tech Community engagement. Cancelled. Will be integrated into D4.4b.
  • WP5. D5.3a/D5.4a/D5.5a  First report on Smallholder Living-Lab Piloting Program in Egypt/Morocco/Algeria. To come. Will be merged into a single deliverable. 
  • WP5. D5.6a First report on the large-scale RESILINK mobile app evaluation program. To come.
  • WP5. D5.7a Evaluation, synthesis and KPI assessment of 1 year of piloting and evaluation program. Cancelled. Integrated into D2.2a and D5.2a.

2022 & 2023